The Glamorous Life of a Social Media Manager

When you start your life as a social media manager, you think your life is going to be like. . . Like the song from Kimora Lee’s Life in the Fab Lane, nothing is more glamorous than a life in social media. Attending parties, snapping some awesome Instagram shots, Pinning all day long. Seriously, how […]

Breaking Up With Facebook

Breakups aren’t fun. But Facebook has perfectly constructed the stage where we can all enjoy getting dumped. Of course, Facebook breakups aren’t fun for the couple splitting up. But for the rest of us, an online split is like watching great reality television. But what about those of us who think they can breakup with […]

Social Media Proves English Majors Aren’t Giving Up

This is one story of an English major that actually has a happy ending. As an English major, I’ve heard it all. “So, what do plan do actually do with that?” “So are you planning to teach?” “Oh, so you like to read.” “How do you expect to pay back your loans?” I became used […]