Social Media Proves English Majors Aren’t Giving Up

This is one story of an English major that actually has a happy ending.

As an English major, I’ve heard it all. “So, what do plan do actually do with that?” “So are you planning to teach?” “Oh, so you like to read.” “How do you expect to pay back your loans?”

Social Media English Majors

I became used to following up with, “well, I’m also in computer science.” I know, it’s was a cop out remark. But, it was completely true. I was an English major and computer science minor. . . and for a while it seemed like I was the only one who was crazy enough to try both.

However, for the pessimistic individuals, my cop out answer usually calmed their worry. It was all about the computer science part of my education, and nobody seemed to focus on the extremely valuable skills I was learning as an English major.

Now, I will say that completing my computer science minor was a very smart choice. I learned so much from my computer science professors and I gained incredible experiences. But it was really just a stepping stone into the conversation.

Like I said, this is an English major story with a happy ending.

Social Media English Majors

Seriously, this story does have a happy ending! I promise on my full set of Norton Anthologies.

According to the “real world,” I had two disadvantages working against me. First, I was graduating as an English major. Second, I was graduating as an English major from a small liberal arts school, Dominican University.

Social Media English Majors

All the hate towards English majors usually left me feeling like this most days. . .

But here’s my new perspective on reality. My disadvantages became my strongest motivators. When I was writing my resume, I could hear my English professors warning me about passive voice. As I went on grueling interviews, I knew supportive counselors were wishing me well. And when I got my first job, I had mountains of love surrounding me.

My happy ending is in social media. Yes, this English major was able to successfully find a job right out of college. And let me tell you, it feels great!

I not only love my job in social media at  Always There, but I am constantly using my skills as an English major. Although my mom still thinks I am just on Facebook all day, I know that I am innovating both a degree and a profession.

Each and every day I considered audience, theme, and purpose of my writing. I pay close attention to my word choice. Most of all, I question my intent and the intent of the comments that I respond to.

My English major continues to help me throughout my work experience and I am extremely glad I preserved through all the English major negatives.

Social Media English Majors

To all my fellow English majors, don’t let the everyday comments bring you down. Enjoy the experience and look to innovate your careers. Being an English major gives you the skills to create and evaluate. Your major is just as important as every other major. You just need to believe that English majors can make a difference too.

Who says that the English major can’t find a job in the twenty-first century? I believe we are creative enough to do just that.

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