Rose_and_angel_wingsMillennium Marketing For The Digital Lifestyle


We’re Rose and Angel Productions, and we provide Social Media Management and Webmaster work that will spring from the ground, woo the ladies, impress the guys and make tracks on your competition.

We’re not just computer whizz’s, we are a premium service that work with your brand, fertilising and growing your followers and hit counts, weeding out the old bits and sowing SEO keywords, and leaving you and your customer smelling (the metaphorical, yet brilliant nonetheless) roses.

So whether you’re looking to expand your company or business online, redevelop your strategies or take it to the next level, Rose and Angel Productions can help you in a huge range of areas, from redesigning, improve rankings, wowing your target base and more.

We work with a wide variety of clients, from eager e-commercers, or to those simply creating an internet advert their business. If you’re online, we can help you.

Our team live, breathe and eat social networking and applications, as well as keep up to date with Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash and online trends. So not only can we deliver our clients results, but generate real data, showing just how we make it work, and giving you the tools your need to develop your business. Plus, as working online can get lonely, we love talking to our clients about how they can push their business further, as well as sharing out tricks of the trade so they can maintain our hard work too.

Finally, as we are not ones to brag about our success, ask for our client references, we have a vast array of happy customers waiting to tell you how awesome we are for us.