The Glamorous Life of a Social Media Manager

When you start your life as a social media manager, you think your life is going to be like. . .


Like the song from Kimora Lee’s Life in the Fab Lane, nothing is more glamorous than a life in social media. Attending parties, snapping some awesome Instagram shots, Pinning all day long. Seriously, how is this not everyone’s dream job?!?

But then you slowly start to realize that you life is more like this. . .


Wake up at 5:30AM: Check Twitter, Check Facebook Comments. Roll out of bed and get ready. Drink coffee while you prepare your notes and ideas on Evernote.

From the moment you walk into the office, be prepared to write, write, write. Seriously, the content never ends. Whether it’s a blog post or a simple status update, words are your life. Then it’s time to put on your designer hat and create graphics for your latest post. Every day is different and you always need to be ready for what’s trending next.

Although I’m probably making my job sound like a total drag, it’s really not. About two months ago I took on a new full-time job at Mac Duggal. Amazing prom dresses and red carpet gowns are my new subject matter. These designer gowns are totally gorgeous and I absolutely love my job. But working in social media is a total whirlwind! And when you add the aspect of working in fashion, well you start to think that you are actually stuck in the movie The Devil Wears Prada.


My experience working at Mac Duggal is so different than working at a social media agency. At an agency you have monthly plans with due dates to meet and schedules to complete. Working at Mac Duggal just an exciting experience with lots of new projects getting thrown at you every day!

For example. . . it’s not only prom season for Mac Duggal, but it’s also award season. And all I do is constantly check Twitter because of it!

Well I do a lot more than that, but it’s so true that no matter which social media position you are working at, you always have to be on your feet. For example, award season has changed for me. Before, I was more excited about what movie was going to win and cared little about who was wearing what. And I have to know who’s wearing what now.


Whether you are working at an agency or for a small business, a social media manager’s job is more than full time. If you’re a social media manager, you know that your life will be changed by your work.

It’s hectic and not very glamorous, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other job.

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